Robert Whittaker's Web Tips

I first wrote an essay on web authoring in 2003 (under the title Rob's Web Tips) when I couldn't find a suitable reference elsewhere on the web for someone who wanted to learn how to improve his site. The aim was (and still is) to help persuade people who already have some experience with writing web sites to use web standards and other good practice techniques when coding their sites. The original essay has been updated a few times since, and I'm currently working on a few more essays to give more in depth advice on other topics. I hope you find them useful, either as direct resources or useful pointers to give to other people.

Readers may also be interested in Bruce Lawson's ‘Constitution for a New Website’ (a non-technical statement of principles) and Martin Lucas-Smith's Website Tendering Specifications (a more technical document to help avoid bad practices from external suppliers).