Firefox Quantum Configuration

Firefox Quantum marked a significant change in the web browser. Here is a list of the customisations and setting changes I made to return things to how I like them:


Right-click on a visible toobar, and select the following

Then remove various unwanted buttons from the toolbars via the "Customization" screen.

Firefox Preferences / Options

Find under "Edit ➡ Preferences" on Linux, or "Tools ➡ Options" on Windows. Select the following:

Classic Theme Restorer CSS Hacks

Use Classic CSS tweaks for Firefox Quantum (after enabling custom CSS usage), with the following changes to the default configuration in userChrome.css:

Note that these files will not update automatically, so you'll want to update them manually from time to time. In particular things may break when a new version of Firefox is released, so if something stops working properly, check if a new version of the css fixes things.

Addons / Extensions

Settings in about:config