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This page give details and download links for the various styles and classes I've written for use with the LaTeX document preparation system. If you have any questions about those which are listed, please email me. For more information and help with using LaTeX, you might like to look at the Curlie's LaTeX category.
A zip file containing all the other files for the classes and styles listed below.
The rjwmath package contains various maths-related macros and commands. Key features include:
The rjwextra package contains various non-maths-related macros and formatting enhancements. Key features include:
Experimental class for adding automatic colouring of equations and headings. I wrote it mainly for use in conjunction with the foiltex package for writing presentations.
The class I wrote for my PhD thesis, based on the LaTeX book class. Main features include: There's also a template file rjwthesis.tex to demonstrate how to use the class.
Experimental class for preparing CVs. Includes layout for headings and sections, along with suitable bulleted and definition lists. Also a simple mechanism for multiple versions, sharing most of the content.
An unofficial class for laying out problem sheets and handouts for UEA maths courses. Includes commends for setting up standard headers and footers, and providing numbers of marks for question parts. There is a template file ueasheet.tex to demonstrate how to use the class.
An unofficial class for typeset lecture notes for UEA maths courses. Sets up the margins and line-spacing and include commands for recording lecture and handout numbers in the margin.
Personal letter class for members of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, following the University of Cambridge Identity Guidelines (as they were circa 2005/6). To make it work properly, you'll also need the Sabon font, and an eps version of the university crest.
The jfm2 BibTeX bibliography style is an slightly improved version of the jfm.bst file supplied by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. I've just made a few improvements, mainly to more closely conform to the journal's actual requirements: The changes appear to work as intended, but since I don't understand all of the BibTeX style language, the file should be used at your own risk.