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Lists any UK Schools with a fixme tag.

Found 321 schools.

OSM Object Name LE fixme
way/459304871 9m Added new school - unsure of area of building as no aerial as yet
way/154053933 By Brook Valley CofE Primary School 20m Alt_name only on edubase website. name from website. Check sign on the ground
way/396839048 Repton Manor Primary School 11m Approx area. Not visible on aerial imagery yet.
way/405159606 St Marys Primary School 18m Are the neighbouring sports fields part of the school?
way/337033250 Stanstead Primary School 20m Area approximate - not clear from aerial imagery
way/389677845 Alderwood 21m Area inferred from Bing and school website. Does it also cover the buildings to the south?
way/113525313 Aldercar Infant & Nursery School 20m Area need confirming
way/26613999 Archbishop Tenison's Church of England High School 3m Bad wikipedia link: en:Archbishop Tenison\'s Church of England High School, Croydon
way/54059802 St Matthew Academy 2d Bad wikipedia link: en:St Joseph\'s Academy, Blackheath
way/48180774 St Paul's Girls' School 2d Bad wikipedia link: en:St Paul\'s Girls\' School
way/34766093 St Joseph's College 3m Bad wikipedia link: en:St. Joseph\'s College, London
way/196629680 North Huddersfield Trust School 3w Boundaries approximate and may need adjustments
way/96153528 Gretna Primary School 19m Boundaries guessed from Bing aerial
way/199696737 Almondbury Community School 19m Boundaries may need adjustments
way/345749367 The Carlton Academy 13m Boundary to north a guess
way/31456110 Derby College - Broomfield Hall 19m Bounds are a guess
way/33327107 Iona School 21m Bounds are a guess
way/62318890 Park Street CofE Primary School 12m Branch Street or Branch Road?
way/37015241 Stone Soup Academy 20m Building area uncertain
way/153330797 Limehurst Academy 3m Check Boundary and add name
way/389356059 Caldecott School 21m Check boundaries. I suspect, looking at the Bing imagery, that the site spreads further to the south and east.
way/390628575 Sidestrand Hall School 7m Check extend of area
way/390959935 Harleston C.E.V.A Primary School 8m Check extent
way/288806405 Whitwell Primary School 3y Check extent at east
way/394876723 Frettenham Primary Partnership School 7m Check extent of grounds
way/394874025 Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall 8m Check extent of school grounds
way/422639824 St Swithun's VC Lower School 16m Check if extent of grounds is correct
way/391795628 Surlingham Community Primary School 8m Check if school covers a larger area
way/389899198 Sheridan School, Thetford 9m Check if the school does cover the whole site. Only buildings in NW corner appear on website.
way/393906932 Pleckgate High School Mathematics and Computing College 5w Check on area occupied. Looks like new building work adjacent on Bing.
way/402670023 Westfield Junior School 19m Check on division of site. Are some of the fields shared?
way/398219289 19m Check on extent of area -- may cover two adjacent houses, not just one.
way/392236307 Paston Sixth Form College 16m Check on extent of area, and that name is correct
way/393274145 Tibberton Church of England Primary School 20m Check school boundary
way/236061991 West Town Primary School Playing Fields 19m Check that this is inded the playing fields of the nearby school
way/29399297 The West Bridgford School 19m Correct boundary with Central College site not unknown
way/405670444 Fulston Manor School 18m Determine boundary between schools.
way/170364143 Highsted Grammar School 18m Determine boundary between schools.
way/394888017 Moorside Community Primary School 3w Do school grounds extend much further north?
way/406380118 Amwell View School 18m Does school also own adjacent recreation grounds?
way/391729755 Worth Valley Primary School 3w Does school extend further?
way/96052254 Hathern Church of England Primary School 5y Dont think this name is correct
way/375149039 Ysgol Gynradd Carmel 6m Edubase says this school has closed. need to see what's happened on the ground.
way/393376943 Rechere's Hair & Beauty Academy 18m Edubsae records this as Closed 22/02/2016 . Check on status.
way/397613968 Five Acre Wood School 20m Exact split of extent of school guessed.
way/397613969 New Line Learning Academy 20m Exact split of extent of school guessed.
way/397613970 Tiger Primary School 20m Exact split of extent of school guessed.
way/393906936 Stonyhurst College 12m Extent. Previous mapper just used aerial imagery, I used aerial plus what I consider the boundaries from local knowledge. Still only approx. Includes St. Mary's Hall (because they share an edubase entry).
way/392481656 20m From the website: "We are excited to be moving into a brand new building in February 2016"
relation/6048191 Goring Church of England Aided Primary School 5m Full name is Goring Church of England Primary School. Is this better to use as name?
way/391661645 Cowling Community Primary School 3w Guessed at the boundary
way/198069177 Chester Park Infant School 20m Guessed division between infant and junior schools
way/393268345 Chester Park Junior School 11m Guessed division between infant and junior schools
way/89103959 Kings' School 3m I drew this by "armchair mapping" - I have no doubt someone who knows the site could improve this
way/401110396 The Da Vinci Studio School of Science and Engineering 18m I think some of this site is used by North Hertfordshire College:
way/363977844 Wardie Primary School 16m I think the 4 buildings to the north are not part of th eschool. Ca n someone local check?
way/404387799 King Arthur's Community School 11m Ia this an accurate outline. around sports centre?
way/161491488 ArnoldKEQMS (AKS) 8m Ideally amenity=school tag would be on outer perimeter way.
way/295758249 Ellindon School (Closed) 19m If school has closed, check on current use of site.
way/266298276 4y Is this a school/college/community centre?
way/396431633 Larkrise 20m Is this boundary accurate?
way/396431634 Paxcroft Primary 20m Is this boundary accurate?
way/51202365 Gwauncelyn Primary 6m Is this one or two schools?
way/391723075 20m Is this one school or two?
way/76615868 7y Join this building to that larger building just NW of this one. Corridors are traceable from OS StreetView.
way/218521850 South Nottinghamshire Academy 20m Large new building under construction (not mapped) (August 2015)
way/446375597 Llanidloes County Primary School 11m May be Community not County
way/76280629 7y Name?; contact details?
relation/1964284 Oundle School 7m Need to confirm that this is all Oundle School property
way/288780688 3y Needs proper survey
way/199422539 3y Needs survey
way/361021850 3m Needs to be identified and mapped
way/394185128 Princeville Primary School 3w New building not included - not yet on Bing imagery
way/392951422 Wallscourt Farm Primary Academy 20m No aerial imagery yet - have just drawn a feasible outline of the site. Not sure if the whole area is the school.
way/26100148 Wellsway School 11m No edubase ref. Is whole site IKB Studio School?
relation/6058736 Bridge Learning Campus 19m Not 100% sure about fence boundary
way/392102295 Cullingworth Village Primary School 3w Not entirely sure of the boundaries
way/111507149 3m Not in OS Opendata
way/392286879 Bibury CofE Primary School 20m Not sure if both buildings are part of the school
way/391734018 Beaudesert Park School 21m Not sure of the extents of the school grounds
way/80230975 St Dominic's Sixth Form College 2y Outline approximate.
way/392068672 Bredon School 20m School extents much larger ("set in 84 acres")
way/391794900 Little Plumstead V. A. Primary School 6m School now has new site to west. Is this site still in use?
way/404196944 Wouldham All Saints Church of England Primary School 19m School website currently (Mar 2016) includes a consultation for possible relocation further south to Hall Road for Sep 2017 entry. Update the school's location if this goes ahead.
way/149108629 The Foreland School 20m School website mentions a forthcoming new school building off of Pysons Road.
way/273804492 Manor Park School 3y Tag school more fully
way/137110662 Eston Park Academy 18m These 2 schools will merge as a single academy at some point
way/59459898 Gillbrook Academy 6w These 2 schools will merge as a single academy at some point
way/59454594 Ravensworth Junior School 6y This school is set to close and merge on this site with Teesville
way/59182066 Teesville Infant School 6y This school is set to take-over Ravensworth
way/405565069 Mendip Partnership School 18m This school may have multiple sites
way/236929653 Preston Manor Lower School 4y This was under construction at the time that the Bing image was made. Please verify boundary and add post construction details.
way/219135559 John Cabot Academy 11m Unsure of boundary's accuracy
way/392182275 Hartpury College 17m Very rough outline, needs refining. Website says more than 200 hectares, outline currently encompasses 117
way/499871760 Settlebeck High School 3m Very rough outline; buildings seem misaligned; not sure of separation with primary school
way/499871759 Sedbergh Primary School 3m Very rough outline; buildings seem misaligned; not sure of separation with secondary school
way/499871758 Sedbergh School 3w Very rough outline; probably needs to be part of a multi-side relation
way/331779197 Petworth Primary School 6m W boundary needs checking
relation/6080246 18m Website has document about proposed relocation east of Halfway Road and north of Minster Road
way/398218654 Cherry Trees Preparatory andMontessori School 19m Website reports name change coming up 2016-02-29.
way/403516834 Ridge View School 19m Website says that school is moving. Check from 2017 onwards.
way/369434722 Coombe Bank School 19m Website says that school will be called Radnor House from 2016-09-01 onwards.
way/393659508 Merlin Top Primary Academy 3w Western edge only a guess!
way/465506429 The IKB Studio School 8m Which building is this school in?
way/39420841 The Bath Studio School 11m Who are Aspire/Link/Wellsway Acadamey Trust?
way/308136673 Three Ways School 2m Who are Aspire/Link/Wellsway Acadamey Trust?
way/392337947 All Saints Infant School 20m add full address
way/97429849 Coley Primary School 7y add full address
way/108406475 Gloucester Road Centre 6y add full address
way/97799497 Oxford Road Primary School 21m add full address
way/112149474 Wilson Primary School 21m add full address
way/392621054 Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet C of E Primary School 20m add precise address where possible
way/260596164 Trumpington Meadows Primary School 3m approximate location
way/393221261 Westonbirt School 6h approximate outline
way/391734020 Cirencester College 21m arbitrary division between Deer Park School and Cirencester College
way/391734021 Cirencester Deer Park School 21m arbitrary division between Deer Park School and Cirencester College
way/403670708 Yatton Infant School 19m arbitrary division between infant and junior schools
way/392301052 Yatton Junior School 19m arbitrary division between infant and junior schools
way/262337020 Rowanfield Infant School 18m arbitrary division between infants and juniors
way/404451316 Rowanfield Junior School 18m arbitrary division between infants and juniors
way/404554646 Benhall Infant School 18m arbitrary division of ground between the schools
way/230584219 St Mark's Church of England Junior School 18m arbitrary division of ground between the schools
way/391680757 Northleach Church of England Primary School 21m are the playing fields part of the school?
way/70734072 7y area is estimate
way/381980262 22m area v approximate
way/252163647 Ballater Primary School 7w assme all wooded area is within school
way/164191278 Merchant Taylors’ School 9m boundaries could probably be expanded with local knowledge
way/276687471 Kirklees College: Huddersfield Centre 3w boundaries may need adjustments
way/92725575 Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing 2y boundaries on west side
way/391644535 Wilsden Primary School 3w boundaries only guessed!
way/161795966 Manor Infant School 18m boundary almost certainly needs improvements
way/101238684 Catmose College 4y boundary approximate
way/391204273 Ratcliffe College 15m boundary approximate
way/118595822 Rushey Mead School 2y boundary assumed, needs varification
way/118595839 Soar Valley College 23m boundary assumed, needs varification
way/126083648 Hollybrook Infant School 6y boundary between schools based only on bing
way/126083651 Hollybrook Junior School 6y boundary between schools based only on bing
way/79819334 3y boundary estiamted
way/79819446 7y boundary estiamted
way/70904842 4m boundary estiamted, needs checking
way/70904844 7y boundary estiamted, needs checking
way/70904858 6y boundary estiamted, needs checking
way/70904869 6y boundary estiamted, needs checking
way/70896338 6y boundary estiamted, needs checking
way/70880599 Icknield High School 3m boundary estiamted, needs checking
way/70877241 7y boundary estimated, needs checking
way/70877242 7y boundary estimated, needs checking
way/70690254 Cutenhoe Community Learning Park 24m boundary estimated, needs ground survey
way/70993187 7y boundary estimated, needs survey
way/71007239 21m boundary estimated, needs surveying
way/71003482 7y boundary estimated, needs surveying
way/70999570 Barnfield West Academy 4y boundary estimated, needs surveying
way/70994779 Pirton Hill Primary School 21m boundary estimated, needs surveying
way/402641729 Bristol Free School 5m boundary guessed in places; new sports centre etc built behind main buildings
way/273821767 Woodside School 3y boundary is approximate; possibly includes area to south, which could be 'nursery garden'?
way/121800054 Our Lady's Convent School 6y boundary needs better definition
way/246996513 Fernielea Primary School 3y boundary needs survey or input from local knowledge
way/399018081 Lytham St Annes Technology and Performing Arts College 17m boundary of playing fields with college not well defined
way/246889113 Riverbank School 3y boundary of school requires survey
way/181753087 The Pingle School 19m boundary of the school changed since Bing
way/163613053 Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School 6m boundary probably could be improved
way/163613056 St Urban's Catholic Primary School 9m boundary probably could be improved
way/161095206 Stroud School 9m boundary probably quite wrong in places
way/404250536 Bruton School for Girls 18m boundary taken from website map. on ground survey required.
way/75716364 Brookfield Community School 10m boundary with infant school unknown
way/264895823 Leeson House Field Studies Centre 3y boundary;amenity
way/163360685 North Mundham Primary School 5y boundarys probably need refining
way/70993211 6y boundry estimated, needs survey
way/83927549 Carlton le Willows Academy 5m bounds approximate
way/37075812 Central College Nottingham: Highfields 19m bounds inaccurate
way/364210969 Turnditch Church of England Primary School 20m building needs accurate trace
way/170875539 Calderhead High School 20m buildings may have been demolished / built
way/456669625 Delius Special School 3w campu divide guessed
way/66666415 Fairisle Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools 5y change map to seperate between these two/three schools
way/172991669 5y check
way/390099478 Dodleston CofE Primary School 19m check area -- is there a house the S corner?
way/390040434 Thorndon Primary School 21m check area is correct
way/130052654 New Hinksey Primary School 11m check boundaries
way/97590961 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School 8m check boundaries
way/307190245 Stafford Grammar School 8m check boundaries
way/451209684 Warminster School 11m check boundary & where is the nursery, preprep & sixth form?
way/314965233 Buckland Brewer Community Primary School 2m check boundary due new housing to E
way/405334074 Fosse Way School 11m check boundary extent
way/405334077 Westfield Primary School 11m check boundary extent
way/521658578 Forge Wood Primary School 3w check boundary of school grounds
way/397313764 Great Dunham Primary School 8m check extent
way/395045110 All Saints School 7m check extent of area
way/394877570 Turnstone House School (Special Needs School) 20m check extent of area
way/398618814 Westbridge School 19m check extent of area on ground
way/403889470 19m check extent of grounds
way/397321348 Flitcham Church of England Primary Academy 7m check extent of grounds
way/390210476 Framlingham College 3m check extent of grounds
way/403523448 Hampton Hargate Primary School 13m check extent of grounds
way/367295781 North Hertfordshire College Engineering and Construction Campus 18m check if college also uses adjacent buildings.
way/112659225 Warminster Preparatory School 18m check if edubase is same as Warminster School
way/64605496 Giles Infant and Primary School 5m check if there's more than one school here
way/508256025 Bohunt School Wokingham (Secondary) 4w check location
way/398223614 Centre Academy East Anglia 2w check on extent of grounds
way/398162948 Recreation Road Infant School 9m check on extent of school grounds
way/286848412 3y check on ground
way/346638518 St Andrew's School 20m check on ground
way/109329760 Woodhill School 7m check on use: has a different address listed.
way/390863307 Alexanders College 8m check precise area covered
way/392133176 Upton St Leonards Church of England Primary School 20m check relationship between footpath and school boundary
way/389430722 Mundesley Infant School 9m check that this is the right area
way/403689526 City of Peterborough Academy Special School 19m check that this is the right building
way/455547610 Redhill Preparatory School 8m check this. The edubase address for redhill prep school puts it's elsewhere, and mapped as
way/389579787 Suffield Park Infant, Nursery School & Children's Centre 7m check whether area is correct
way/422107464 Townville Infants 3w could need swapping with the box round Airedale infants
way/422106055 Airedale Infant School 3w could need swapping with the box round Townville infants
way/255557016 3m disuesd?
way/39325224 Oldfield Brow Primary School 8y estimated
way/93808102 Inverness Royal Academy 18m exact boundaries guessed
way/166828398 Hazel Wood Infant School 3y exact boundary unclear
way/208926934 Downside School 3y extended boundary roughly, based on Bing & previous data
way/302904294 Nottingham Free School 21m extent & length of stay unknown
way/390690060 Ifield School 12m extent needs enlarging to cover playing ields
way/71007242 7y grounds needed
way/392173712 Cotswold Chine School 20m guessed at school extents
way/390844903 Keelham Primary School 3w guessed at the eastern edges
way/455396027 Beumont Primary Academy 3w guessed boundary
way/403656946 Paulton Infant School 11m guessed infant/junior school split
way/403656950 Paulton Junior School 3m guessed infant/junior school split
way/403027786 Lympsham C of E VC First School 19m guesswork on boundary
relation/6032564 Sidcot School 19m guesswork on boundary - probably more to include
way/400461750 Summerhill Academy 19m guesswork on the boundary between the two schools
way/400461752 Summerhill Infant School 19m guesswork on the boundary between the two schools
way/70727078 Challney Boys High School 17m holes in building
way/400759576 19m how does this site divide down into the school, children's centre and whatever Bristol Education Centre is/was
way/391307901 Dormer House School 21m imagery not clear; guesswork on boundary
way/391249792 Meysey Hampton Church of England Primary School 21m imagery not clear; guesswork on boundary
way/391734023 The Acorn School 21m imagery unclear - guesswork on boundary
way/391366520 Oakridge Primary School 21m imagery unclear, guestimated boundary
way/392528092 Rendcomb College 20m initial stab at college boundary - needs refining (and probably expanding)
way/394476691 Oakhill College 20m is extent correct? estimated from aerial
way/393906933 Sabden Primary School 20m is extent correct? estimated from aerial
way/393906937 Wheatley Lane School 20m is extent correct? estimated from aerial
way/399326655 Ardgowan Primary School 5m is this really Ardgowna Primary School. website and streetview suggest otherwise
relation/906601 Beatrice Tate School 20m is this really beatrice tate? a very different location is named beatrice tate, and the other location is confirmed by edubase and the school own website
way/140124796 Corranny Primary School 5m is this still a school? If not, what is it?
way/403816589 Meadows School 2w kindergarten now
way/37260030 Uplands Schools 9m location_approximate
way/456259128 Broadbeck – Integrated Therapeutic Provision 3w may be shared campus with social services.
way/60797064 3y may be two schools
way/394138800 Sharples Secondary School 15m name & precise boundaries
way/162921270 Huntley C of E Primary School 20m need to move tags to school boundary, but imagery unclear
way/400473734 Port Glasgow Community Campus 19m needs survey
way/398624727 Hurworth House Independent School 19m not entirely sure whether adjacent properties are part of school
way/391397089 Wycliffe College 21m not entirely sure which buildings are part of Wycliffe and which are neighbouring houses; there are also additional exclaves to map
way/396321412 Ashbrooke House School 20m not sure about northeast corner
way/166825508 Eling Infant School 3y not sure about western border
way/400557217 Baytree School 19m not sure how building/grounds are divided up between the schools
way/400557218 Herons' Moor Academy 19m not sure how building/grounds are divided up between the schools
way/251529910 Dervaig Primary School 4y not sure if LH part of site of school
way/393255136 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 3w not sure of north & west boundaries
way/88009834 St. John's Primary and Nursery School 5y not very convinced of the boundaries from aeiral imagery, so please improve them!
way/22796938 King David Primary School 2m note in Opendata any more has this closed/merged with high school site?
way/90594902 Former Sandham Middle School 4m now pitches on site
way/350352928 Grittleton House School 19m outline a bit rough
way/464927327 Wings School 8m outline approximate
way/404410590 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School 18m outline best guess from bing
way/390424518 Chew Valley School 11m outline needs confirming on the ground
way/23124966 Yardley Lane School 21m outline of area is estimated from aerial, please survey
way/92729581 Blatchington Mill School and 6th Form College 7y playing fields might want incorporating into this area
way/303991879 Ashdell Preparatory School 3y please confirm bounds - I passed this on the bus and I think it's right, but not sure
way/409334179 Elizabeth Selby Infant School 18m please confirm eastern perimeter, and overlap/connection with Lawdale sch next door
way/394140142 The Oaks Primary School 20m precise boundaries
way/422106054 Airedale Junior School 3w presumably right as the bigger building & the one with the Fryston rd address
way/422106053 Pathways School 16m presumably the smaller building.
way/99865074 Colonel Frank Seely Comprehensive School 4y probably several schools
way/57377841 7y quadrilateralise me
way/240040769 St Giles School 3m resurvey
way/486837939 Auchmuty High School 5d rough outline
way/310776161 Castle Mead School 8m rough outline
way/395593718 Rhayader Church in Wales Controlled School 20m school area approximate
way/291627807 3y school area inferred from aerial: please survey to confirm and add detail
way/161594369 Corpus Christi RC Primary School 5m school grounds area needs to be modifie dto exclude the church, convent, etc.
way/371320764 2y school grounds estimated; two schools here
way/391666259 Parkside School 21m school may be much larger?
way/466740595 Wessington Primary School 8m seems a very odd shape
way/66864700 Shirley Infant and Junior Schools 7y seperate into two schools
way/87998237 Townhill Infant and Junior Schools 4y seperate two schools
way/326971622 Woodlands School 3y shape is approximate based on bing
way/75716389 Sarisbury Infant School 8m site boundaries unknown
way/173653693 Tobermory High School 21m some doubt about addr:street, this may have appled to older buildings/sites
way/102669249 Oasis Academy Coulsdon 3m someone with local knowledge will know if this needs extending to the east
way/406156406 St Brigid's Primary School 18m split between primary & high school estmated
way/66668493 7y split into two school areas
way/197710306 Francis Combe Academy 9m survey boundaries
way/34710257 St Michael’s Catholic High School 4y survey boundaries
way/340167372 Levenmouth Academy 12m survey required, add building
way/406854059 Octavia Ap Academy 15m survey to check new name
way/78043033 Tanners Brook Primary School 4y survey?
way/318749238 Wychwood School 21m this outline is very much a guess
way/59470352 3y two schools
way/396915183 Lypiatt Primary School 10m unsure of location. This looks the most accurate from imagery.
way/390311635 Allerton Primary School and Nursery 3w unsure of western boundary
way/399141908 Crosby Primary School 5m website says school has moved. What is here now?
way/456677470 Phoenix Special School 3w wild guess at campus division
way/456263488 Education In Hospital 1 (Airedale) 10m years since i visited ward 17 may well be wrong one
way/383634765 Abbey Junior School 22m yes
way/75415082 All Saints Academy 21m yes
way/383962892 Carmel College 6w yes
way/381440065 Cockerton Primary School 6w yes
way/381225609 Corporation Road Community Primary School 6w yes
way/380953811 Darlington School Of Mathematics And Science 6w yes
way/384990417 Gurney Pease Primary & Nursery School 6w yes
way/384965163 Heathfield Primary School 6w yes
way/381246950 Holy Family RC Primary School 6w yes
way/383998184 Hummersknott Academy 18m yes
way/380950308 Mount Pleasant Primary School And Nursery 6w yes
way/383965175 Mowden Infants School 6w yes
way/383965176 Mowden Junior School 6w yes
way/383634764 Ravensthorpe Preparatory School 21m yes
way/384982158 Red Hall Primary School 6w yes
way/384805111 Rise Carr College 6w yes
way/384831316 Saint Teresa's Primary School 6w yes
way/384009556 Skerne Park Primary School 6w yes
way/384966456 St Aidan's Church Of England Academy 6w yes
way/384833144 St Johns Church Of England Academy 6w yes
way/75529360 Thomas Whitehead Primary School (COE) 21m yes

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