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OSM Schools Data Queries

This page lists potential problems detected in the official schools data provided by the UK Department for Education (Edubase), the Scottish Executire Education Depatment, and the Departme for Education Northern Ireland.

Missing or Malformed Postcodes

Entries from the official lists with either a missing postcode or a postcode that does not conform to the standard template.

Source ID Name Original Postcode Manual Correction
Edubase (England + Wales) 132913 (E) St Aidans and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form
Edubase (England + Wales) 132916 (E) Didcot Sixth Form College
Edubase (England + Wales) 132942 (E) Sydenham and Forest Hill Sixth Form
Edubase (England + Wales) 133226 (E) 16-19 Abingdon
Edubase (England + Wales) 134821 (E) Beverley Joint Sixth
DENI List (N. Ireland) 126-0294 (I) Malone Integrated College BT10␣OJB
DENI List (N. Ireland) 204-6669 (I) Bunscoil an Traonaigh BT92␣OPE
DENI List (N. Ireland) 406-6682 (I) Rowandale Integrated Primary School BT67␣OPB
DENI List (N. Ireland) 431-6518 (I) Clifton Special School BT19␣BT1

Unrecognised Postcodes

Entries from the official lists with postcodes that are not present in a recent-ish copy of CodePoint open or a less recent NI Postcode Database.

Source ID Name Postcode
Edubase (England + Wales) 102220 (E) Welldon Park Primary School HA2 8LT
Edubase (England + Wales) 107793 (E) Islamia Girls' High School HD1 3JP
Edubase (England + Wales) 108024 (E) Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School LS9 0HA
Edubase (England + Wales) 126249 (E) Nythe Primary School SN3 3RR
Edubase (England + Wales) 130285 (E) Al Jamiatul Islamiyah BL3 4HF
Edubase (England + Wales) 132436 (E) St Katharines School KY16 9RB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132995 (E) White Lodge Children's Centre KT16 0AU
Edubase (England + Wales) 133521 (E) Birmingham Muslim School B11 2PZ
Edubase (England + Wales) 134870 (E) The Hope Service GU2 6RS
Edubase (England + Wales) 134891 (E) Regent College HA2 7JP
Edubase (England + Wales) 140769 (E) St Margaret Clitherows RC Primary School TS6 6TA
Edubase (England + Wales) 400035 (E) Grangetown Nursery School CF1 7DW
Edubase (England + Wales) 401419 (E) St Joseph's R.C. NP2 4AQ
Edubase (England + Wales) 401469 (E) Undy C.P. School NP6 3LZ
Edubase (England + Wales) 401473 (E) Pembroke Primary School NP6 5JN
Edubase (England + Wales) 401482 (E) Llandogo C.P. School NP5 4TJ
Edubase (England + Wales) 401487 (E) Trellech C.P. School NP5 4PA
Edubase (England + Wales) 401492 (E) Ysgol Gymraeg Y Ffin NP6 4SY
Edubase (England + Wales) 401525 (E) Milton Infants School NP9 9HB
Edubase (England + Wales) 401864 (E) St Julian's School NP9 7XU
Edubase (England + Wales) 401925 (E) Pen-Y-Cwm Special School NP23 5AN
Edubase (England + Wales) 401933 (E) Ty Gwyn Special School CF2 5JG
Edubase (England + Wales) 402046 (E) Alway Primary NP9 9QP
Edubase (England + Wales) 402047 (E) Ringland Primary NP9 9LU
SEED List (Scotland) 5135427 (S) Kinlochleven Primary School PH50 4QE
SEED List (Scotland) 5307732 (S) Webster's High School DD8 5BR
SEED List (Scotland) 5324920 (S) Eastern Primary School DD5 3AE
SEED List (Scotland) 5524423 (S) Gracemount Primary School EH16 6UA
SEED List (Scotland) 5616530 (S) Earlston High School TD4 6HF
SEED List (Scotland) 8235732 (S) Belmont Academy KA7 2PG
SEED List (Scotland) 8341621 (S) St Barbara's Primary School G69 9ER
SEED List (Scotland) 8400121 (S) Oakwood Primary School G34 0GD
SEED List (Scotland) 8416621 (S) Cranhill Primary School G33 3LT
SEED List (Scotland) 8425426 (S) St Maria Goretti Primary School G33 3LT
SEED List (Scotland) 8447241 (S) Langlands Primary School G53 5FD
SEED List (Scotland) 8523126 (S) Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School ML9 1NJ
SEED List (Scotland) 8546223 (S) Carnwath Primary School ML11 5GZ
SEED List (Scotland) 8550220 (S) St Mary's Primary School (Lanark) ML8 7NT
SEED List (Scotland) 8628831 (S) Gleniffer High School PA2 0AQ
DENI List (N. Ireland) 101-6604 (I) Harmony Primary School BT13 3SY
DENI List (N. Ireland) 103-6132 (I) St Therese of Lisieux Primary School BT15 5GF
DENI List (N. Ireland) 201-1899 (I) Derrygonnelly Primary School BT93 6HY
DENI List (N. Ireland) 201-6184 (I) Lack Primary School BT93 0BU
DENI List (N. Ireland) 201-6218 (I) Lisbellaw Primary School BT94 5BF
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-1863 (I) Tattygar Primary School BT94 5GT
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-1887 (I) St John the Baptist Primary School BT93 3DP
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-6107 (I) St Josephs Primary School BT92 5BE
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-6186 (I) St Dympnas Primary School BT78 3GA
DENI List (N. Ireland) 204-6677 (I) Gaelscoil na gCrann BT79 0GZ
DENI List (N. Ireland) 223-0180 (I) St Eugenes College BT92 7AF
DENI List (N. Ireland) 421-0316 (I) Breda Academy BT18 6PY
DENI List (N. Ireland) 501-1602 (I) Bleary Primary School BT66 8TD

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