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Public Rights of Way Progress

County Parishes RoWs L(Total) L(Mapped) %
Cambridgeshire 237 4089 3218 km 318 km 9%
Norfolk 546 5725 3841 km 3160 km 82%
Suffolk 487 10395 5719 km 933 km 16%

About this tool

This tool takes information from four sources and flags up possible errors / omissions / things to check. Currently only three counties (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire) are available, but more will be added in due course. The data sources are:

  1. Council GIS data for a small number of councils who have made the data available under the Open Government Licence (rather than the OS OpenData Licence). Path numbers, designations, lengths and bounding boxes are extracted automatically from data files.
  2. Data from OpenStreetMap. Path numbers, designations, lengths, bounding boxes, last update details, etc. can be extracted automatically on a parish by parish basis using the XAPI. The tool will extract all ways with a prow_ref=* tag within the parish's bounding box.
  3. Norfolk County Council's Definitive Statements, available as an unstructured Word document under the OGL. A list of the numbers and statuses of RoWs for each parish can be extracted by hand. Suffolk County Council's electronic non-definitive statement, available as an Excel spreadsheet under the OGL. The numbers and statuses of RoWs for each parish have been imported automatically.
  4. Manual classification of OSM completion level, entered directly into the tool via the web.

I've got scripts to do the extraction from first two sources set up, but I currently have to initiate the updates manually. I can do the third and fourth behind the scenes, but eventually the plan is to have a public Web interface.

With the data the tool can then flag up issues such as:

The tool is currently under development, so various key bits of functionality are not implemented yet. For details see the Known Issues and To Do List.

Suggested uses for OSM Mapping