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OSM Post Office Opening Hours Issues

Lists any UK Post Offices with an opening_hours tag whose value is invalid or otherwise unusual. Not all the branches listed will be errors.

Found 57 branches with non-standard values.

OSM ID Name Operator LE Opening Hours
469771546 Jenkins 8m 06:00-21:00
446907655 One Stop 6m 06:00-22:00
1168747585 Westbourne Post Office Ltd 5w 07:00-22:00
4005563469 Costcutter (Burlinngton House) 21m 07:00-22:00
1204242799 Leatherhead Common 4y 07:00-22:00␣open␣"shop"
303805399 9m 09:00-17:00
436611394 Albany Road Post Office 4m 09:00-17:30
4485900189 Dairy Crest Dairy Cresst 2m 24/7
4726774935 Saundersfoot Post Office Spar 8m 8am␣till␣10pm
29392594 Eastleigh Post Office 7m 9:00␣to␣17:30
1997902710 19m Closed␣Feb␣2016.␣Reopening␣awaited.
648385189 East Acton Post Office 3m Mo,␣We-Fr␣08:30-17:30;␣Tu,␣Sa␣09:00-17:30
505860788 Bishops Lydeard Post Office 4m Mo,␣We-Fr␣09:00-13:00,␣14:00-17:30;␣Tu␣09:00-13:00;␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
479186345 Manchester South Delivery office Royal Mail 8m Mo,Tu,␣Th,Sa␣07:00-14:00;␣We␣07:00-20:00;␣Fr␣07:00-17:30;␣Su␣10:00-14:00
389116551 Royal Mail Islington Delivery Office 6m Mo,Tu,Th,Fr␣07:00-18:00,␣We␣07:00-20:00,␣Sa␣07:00-13:30,␣Su␣12:00-16:00
4305474098 North London Delivery Centre 3m Mo,Tu,Th,Fr␣07:00-19:00,␣We␣07:00-20:00,␣Sa␣07:00-14:00,␣Su␣11:00-15:00
403299498 Royal Mail 10m Mo,Tu,Th,Fr␣09:00-13:00,␣14:00-17:30;␣We␣09:00-13:00;␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
568026610 Newhaven Royal Mail 11m Mo,We,Th,Fr␣09:00-17:30;␣Tu␣09:30-17:30;␣Sa␣09:00-12:30;␣Su,PH␣off
4897710021 Bude Post Office 5m Mo-Fr␣07:00-17:00;␣Sa␣09:00-12:30;␣Su,PH␣off
3077317663 Doddle Doddle 5d Mo-Fr␣07:00-20:00,␣Sa␣09:00-17:00,␣Su,PH␣10:00-16:00
1322111783 Stratford Post Office 6m Mo-Fr␣08:00-19:00,␣Sa␣08:00-18:00
473951159 Kings Sutton Post Office 6m Mo-Fr␣08:30-17:30␣Sa␣08:30-15:00
358211758 Rinkfield Post Office 3m Mo-Fr␣08:30-17:30,␣Sa␣08:30-12:30
929323138 High Street Whitton Post Office 8w Mo-Fr␣08:30-17:30,␣Sa␣08:30-16:00
2810525473 7w Mo-Fr␣09:00-13:00,␣14:00-17:30;␣Sa␣09:00-13:00;␣Su,␣PH␣off
1128156413 12m Mo-Fr␣09:00-17:30␣Su␣09:00-12:30
431450348 Aldridge Post Office 16m Mo-Fr␣09:00-17:30,␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
1062543793 Stone Quarry Post Office Ltd 5m Mo-Fr␣09:00-17:30,␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
42144359 University Post Office 3m Mo-Fr␣09:00-17:30,␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
5030785328 Salisbury Road Post Office 3m Mo-Fr␣09:00-17:30,␣Sa␣09:00-16:30
36728202 8m Mo-Fr␣09:00-17:30;␣Tu␣09:30-17:30;␣Sa␣09:00-12:30;␣Su,PH␣off
503094867 Acharacle Village Store KeyStore 5m Mo-Fr␣09:00-20:00,␣Sa␣09:00-18:00,␣Su␣10:00-18:00
207362417 4w Mo-Fr␣09:30-13:00;We␣closed
4221674910 Seeley Drive Post Office 18m Mo-Fr␣09:30-17:30,␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
4549983179 Mc Coll's 9m Mo-Sa␣06:00-22:00,␣Su␣07:00-22:00
4663482206 Ullapool Post Office 8w Mo-Sa␣06:30-18:00,␣07:30-12:00
621810191 Barby Village Stores 6m Mo-Sa␣06:30-20:00,␣Su␣08:00␣-␣18:00
113720922 Saint Giles Post Office 11d Mo-Sa␣07:00-20:30,␣Su␣08:00-20:30
988604268 The Co-operative Food 6m Mo-Sa␣07:00-22:00,␣Su␣10:00-16:00
3923436535 23m Mo-Sa␣08:00-21:00;␣Su,PH␣10:00-16:00
3501004861 Post Office & Shop Royal Mail 3y Mo-Sa␣09:00-17:00␣open,␣Mo-Sa␣08:00-09:00␣open␣"Combi␣till",␣Mo-Sa␣17:00-18:00␣open␣"Combi␣till"
1820559657 WHSmith 3m Mo-Sa␣8:30-17:30;␣Su␣10:00-16:00
10934512 Portchester Post Office 6m Mo-Sa_06:00-20:00;␣Su_07:00-17:00
4377639347 Caersws Post Office 15m Mo-Su
480477262 Royal Mail 8m Mo-Th␣07:30-19:00;␣Fr␣07:30-21:30;␣Sa␣08:00-21:30;␣Su,PH␣10:00-14:00
4085693312 16m Mo-Th␣09:00-17:30;␣Fr␣09:00-13:00,␣14:00-17:30;␣Sa␣09:00-13:00
382580743 Winster Village Shop Winster Village Shop Asso 9m Mo-Th,BH␣08:00-18:00;␣Fr-Sa␣08:00-19:00;␣Su␣08:00-17:00
2352658052 Oxspring Post Office 5w Mo-Tu␣09:00-13:00,␣14:00-17:30;␣We␣09:00-13:00;␣Th-Fr␣09:00-13:00,␣14:00-17:30;␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
4862648319 Stoke Post Office Ltd 6m Mo-Tu␣09:00-13:00;␣14:00-17:30;␣We␣09:00-13:00;␣Th-Fr␣09:00-13:00;␣14:00-17:30;␣Sa␣09:00-12:30
4480725989 Royal Mail Delivery Office 2m Mo-Tu,␣Th-Fr␣08:00-18:00;␣We␣08:00-20:00;␣Sa␣08:00-14:00
4573445773 11m Mo-Tu,Th-Sa␣08:00-19:00;␣We␣08:00-16:00;␣Su,PH␣09:00-13:00
4585137434 10m Mo-We,␣Fr␣09:00-17:30;␣Th,␣Sa␣09:00-13:00
498372285 Almondbury Post Office Royal Mail 5m Mon-Fri␣09:00␣to␣17:30,␣Sat␣09:00␣to␣12:30
4889843802 Sutton on Hull Post Office 6m Mon-Fri␣09:00-17:30,␣Sat␣09:00-12:30
1037979160 Mcdonnell Road Post Office 6m Monday,␣Tuesday,␣Thursday,␣Friday␣09.00␣-␣13.00,␣14.00␣-␣17.30,␣Wednesday␣09.00␣-␣13.00,␣Saturday␣09
33122093 Morningside Post Office Royal Mail 6m Tu␣09:30-17:30,␣We-Fr␣09:00-17:30,␣Sa␣09:00-12:00
3221129131 3y Wednesday␣mornings

Technical details

A Post Office is listed in the table above if has an opeingin_hours tag whose value does not match the following regular expression:

In other words, it comprises one or more semi-colon separated day-time blocks, where each block comprises one or more comma separated days or day-ranges, followed by one or more comma-separated time ranges or the keword "off". Note that this does not check for days appearing more than once, or invalid or repeated times being specified.

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