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OSM Post Office fixme=* List

Lists any UK Post Offices with a fixme tag.

Found 78 post offices.

OSM ID Name LE fixme
34957281 8y A name and address would be nice
986403904 2y Approximate position from memory
509268918 Ashley News Post Office 15m Ashley or Ashleigh?
848725519 Whittington Moor Post Office 3y Check there's still a post office in the Spar, and
410623388 3y Check which exact building this is.
986834803 Glapwell Post Office 3y Does this still exist here?
245778451 7y I don't think this should really be tagged as a po
367932378 6m I think the post office has move (and the postbox
331175883 Hitchin Post Office 4y Inside a shop called Bookers; don't know how to re
922840165 7y Investigate this post office.
923063972 5y Investigate this post office.
330756400 3y Is this actually a Royal Mail Sorting Office?
4903311009 Greenore Post Office 5m Location?
455573888 7w Moved to London Road...?
33408774 8y Needs name and address
804795033 7y PO surveyed in 2009. May be closed by now, 2010
1115666304 7y Part of General Store; don't know how to combine
5167310548 Prince Of Wales Road Post Office 2w Position after survey
3331755381 9m Position more accurately by survey
297204937 Kennington Park 17m Possibly the wrong name, taken off a receipt
1744427893 6y Post Office is inside another shop. Not sure exact
293471982 10m Should collection_times be opening_hours here?
2004988804 Harleston Post Office 3y Should this be further SSW along the road?
89816965 13m Still in use? Looked very closed 13/10/16
804296561 7y Surveyed 2009. May have closed by now 2010-07
70461880 JR Newsagents 7y add full address
70483369 Premier 7y add precise address where possible
732287945 3y check
732287908 3y check
691083392 3y check
210980492 co-op 3y check -- there's another co-op / post office just
271733312 Spar 3y check if still a post office
766574892 Post Office 3w check location
1283364203 Stocksbridge Post Office (Co-op) 3y check location
326043789 3y check on ground
343475167 3y check on ground
4269833456 14m check precise location.
622378298 Thringstone Stores 6m check shop tag
774432331 23m didnt notice this on 2015-12-30
3984149476 Fortwilliam Post Office 5m inside Cedar Pharmacy
522122482 Bidford Post Office 13m is this still a PO? There is a stamp machine in th
387568246 Yetholm 11m is this still a post office?
1259819315 7y location approx
823736576 Minsterley Post Office 7y location approximate
2093924568 Artigarvan Post Office 15m location?
1087556658 15m location? address?
1708797659 15m location? address?
1584704550 9m location? address?
1930722836 Ballymote Post Office 15m location? address?
1645626172 Antrim Road Post Office 12m location? name?
867105316 2y looks just to be delivery office
819911724 6y may have position wrong wrt post box
3522406711 9m name
3930433919 Spar Express - Post Office 15m name
2041710081 9m name?
3007158488 9m name?
264985327 9m name?
540255352 9m name?
1233488361 9m name?
2656256259 Mc Elroys Costcutter - Post Office 15m name?
1770050641 9m name? address?
850933478 9m name? address?
1682179254 9m name? address?
1391540326 Spar - Post Office 15m name? address?
1067610916 9m name? location?
110021503 One Stop 2y needs address
403359815 4y needs address and name
746857979 Coniston Post Office 10m no post office here 13/10/16. Couldn't see a new l
5096065199 2m not absolutely sure its still open
2781144071 Spar 4y post-office in spar - unsure how to tag
685815197 11m resurvey
2626869508 Downham Way Post Office 4y shop type not known
286823970 Cromhall Shop & Post Office 13m size/position estimated by eye, update when aerial
942886969 Custom House 14m street?
773422650 McColl's 13m suspect this is newsagent/conveniente store
4583174700 Merion Stores & Post Office 11m taking a chance with recent FHRS + OS Po data
26035251 19m this post office is now no longer in existence
2651794382 9m what street is this on?

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