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OSM Postbox description=* List

Lists any UK postboxes with a description tag. Sometimes this tag contains useful information that could be better recorded in more specific tags.

Found 415 boxes.

Box Number Node ID LE description
WR13 35 442316118 4y "Clevelode Crossroads"
WR13 42 1450686114 6y "Clevelode River"
811327030 4y /Austendike Road,B1165 / Swindler's Drove
AL8 158 360824536 4y /Bridge Road, B195 / Handside Lane
SG6 163 806040463 17m /Broadwater Avenue / The Meads
PE12 46 803756748 4y /Bullocks Shortgate / Cades Drove / Harford Gate//In wall at N end of brick barn, next to telegraph post, where it joins the garden wall of adjacent house, "Pulvertoft Hall".
PE12 244 803756694 4y /Coronation Avenue / South Eau Bank,B1166
PE12 105 803756713 8y /Cranesgate / Hurdletree Bank//
SG15 5 815657916 4y /Gothic Way
PE19 233 811319233 10m /Longsands Road / Longsands Parade
PE12 106 803757051 4y /Millgate / Snaffers Lane;/Millgate / Snaffers Lane//
HP7 161 820182093 16m /Mortens Wood / Quarrendon Road
SG7 184 807337205 17m /North Road,A507 / Bygrave Road / Salisbury Road
PE12 189 811348650 4y 100 m NW of the triangle at which is <b>The Bull's Neck</b> public house./Washway Road / Peartree House Road / Penny Hill Road
HR8 332 374215249 4y 10m W of a short spur leading to some houses.<br>There is a notice-board at this junction./(unnamed)
PE12 89 803757009 4y 10m to the right of the white gate, on the E side of the road.<br>Strapped to a large tree trunk/Marsh Road
PE12 177 803757338 4y 150m NW of bridge over South Holland Main Drain/Old Fendyke
SW2 35 1270192927 16m 1869 Penfold
SG12 98 812287139 8y 20m S of junction with Mill Lane.<br>On the E side of the road, at the left of a rough entrance to a field. (At the right side of the entrance is an antique lamp-post.)/Whempstead Road / Mill Lane
823624251 11m 30m N and E of Marlborough First and Middle School/Marlborough Hill / Rusland Park Road
811348649 8y 30m SE of Fleet Road Garage.<br>Opposite brick bus shelter./Fleet Road / Princes Street / Rowan Close
811329233 4y 30m W of, and opposite, <b>The Bell Inn</b>/Austendyke Road,B1165
PE12 75 803757896 4y 30m W of, and opposite, <b>The Plough</b> public house.<br>Near phone box/Jekils Bank,B1168 / Ravensgate,B1168 / Joys Bank;30m W of, and opposite, <b>The Plough</b> public house.<br>Near phone box/Jekils Bank,B1168 / Ravensgate,B1168 / Joys Bank//
823670185 4y 40m N of, and opposite, B+W house.<hr>I think this is Moor Court, but the pictures don't match
PE12 93 803758637 8y 50m N of the <b>New Saracens Head</b> public house./Washway Road / (unnamed);On grass triangle where Washway Road joins unnnamed road.<br>Opposite Village Hall.<br>
822733847 4y 5m W of junction with Abbots Meade, on the N side of the road.<br>In a stone wall that holds a large area of grass on the corner.
PE12 92 803759396 17m 5m W of the junction with Wignals Gate.
PE12 264 803758439 17m 60m S of junction with Park Lane. To the left of the cemetery gates.
AL10 325 818056454 6y Access only from SE-bound carriageway.<br>Outside the Galleria Shopping Center, to the SE of the main entrance.<br>Underneath the sign saying "ODEON", on what is presumably the cinema
BH6 158 824451787 4y Affixed to rear wall of café building.
PE12 175 803756762 6y Against fence, to the left (W) of Long Sutton Primary School, on yellow cross-markings which go on for a very long distance./Dick Turpin Way
BH21 35 879556462 17m Against large hedge
HP6 57 820255618 4y Against the wooden fence, as it follows the narrowing of the pavement
PE12 98 803757915 4y Against wall of cream colored house, opposite the start of Hurn Bank/Marsh Road / Hurn Bank / Roman Bank
HR8 739 818648393 4y Against wooden fence
BH1 40 822806899 4m Anonymous Victorian.
BH1 43 822806900 4m Anonymous Victorian.
WR14 69 619411351 7y At North end of terrace of houses/shops
SG8 230 807997912 4y At West end of low barn at triangle junction/(unnamed) / Dane End / Haywoods Lane
SG7 220 807335724 8y At corner of wall surrounding house
SG7 186 807335610 8y At entrance to Manor Farm, which seems to be a private estate also containing houses and the Church of Saint Margaret of Antioch
PE12 167 803756853 16m At left side of driveway to house.<br>Opposite flat-roofed white garage-like building.20m W of, and opposite, Spar shop.
SG8 10 807994384 4y At left-side driveway wall, just west of the Post Office (which is in a barn)/Church End
PE12 194 803756965 17m At road-side of garden of number 42a
PE12 160 803756802 8y At the S tip of a spit of green between old and new course of Railway Lane
PE12 182 803757804 8y At the end of the hedge to the left of the entrance to Holbeach Ambulance Station/Boston Road / Mill Lane
SG12 118 812287136 16m At the left of the <b>Robin Hood and Little John</b> public house, between that building and the low wall./Ware Road / Bourne Honour
AL9 193 815716992 8y At the parking bay
HR8 296 818648443 3y At triangle junction in the unnamed road signposted for Ashperton
PA44 16 843002597 4y At west end of Loch Gruinart House.
BH1 401 822806818 17m Backing onto public car park
DT9 4 509086082 10m Beautiful pillar box dated 1855, believed to be the oldest post box in use in mainland UK.
AL9 204 815717002 5y Between North Mymms PO (inside Happy Shopper) and Butcher's<hr> Dellsome Lane
PE12 6 803756682 4y Between bus shelter and junction, on W-bound side of the road./High Road,A151 / Bell Lane,B1357
HR8 589 818648554 8y Between numbers 58 and 60, in the wall (surmounted by a hedge) which fronts both those houses.
PE12 138 803756767 4y Between phone box and bus shelter.<br>Google calls Main Road "Drove Road"/Main Road,B1166 / Chapel Drove//
WR1 389 939741820 7y Bizarrely, this postbox has WR2 (not WR1) 389 on its label. Having a postbox out-of-area is not unusual, but this one is so blatantly wrong, I've decided to go with the FOI list and give it its WR1 number.
WR8 75 905074734 7y Blown up for a second time in 2010-12. Now (2011-01) replaced
TN39 82 4020830771 5w Broken Post Office Directional Sign holder on cap
TN39 84 4049304560 5w Broken Post Office Directional Sign holder on cap
TN40 2 3708543913 5w Broken Post Office Directional Sign holder on cap
TN40 4 3708178386 3w Broken Post Office Directional Sign holder on cap
TN40 50 3710729977 5w Broken Post Office Directional Sign holder on cap
5017709621 6m Built into signal box
AL9 251 815716973 6y Buried in foliage
AL6 228 815775047 16m Buried in foliage.
PO6 227 360682199 23m Burrill Avenue junction Havant Road
BH21 40 899592611 5y By entrance to Gaunts House.
BH1 61 822806898 4m By entrance to gardens.
BH16 161 832805397 3y By garage forecourt at A350 junction
BH11 405 823614333 16m By industrial slip road exit
DT6 123 828433174 4y By pub sign of Five Bells.
HP10 151 820875870 16m By wooden fence, on little green patch
BH1 5 822806939 4m By zebra crossing
WR14 29 619395805 16m CP7 Lamp box embedded in gatepost.
TN39 24 3958505820 10d Close to closed sub-post office
TN40 9 3709873896 5w Close to closed sub-post office
TN40 81 3710729980 5w Close to closed sub-post office
PE12 151 803758987 16m Corner of grey house.<br>Hidden by hedge and faces E so can only be seen when traveling W along the spur from Roman Bank to Gimmels Gate.<br>40m W of phone box./Gimmels Gate (spur)
TN39 70 191722658 5w Damaged cap at rear and damaged door pull
PE12 147 803756706 16m Delph Road has been severed by the A17. PB is on the W-bound part, with numbers 35..109/Delph Road / A17//
PA48 7 840868787 4y Directly in front of the Spar
PA44 9 842982176 14m Directly in front of the shop
PA49 24 840820680 4y Directly opposite mini mart
SG14 55 811414448 16m Distant from the main road (Hertingfordbury Road,A414 W-bound), at the point where Riversmeet divides into two spurs/Riversmeet
PE12 152 803757957 4y Don't know how much of this road is called "Black Barn"; changes to "Lutton Bank" further on./Black Barn / Marsh Road,B1359//
BH1 21 822806950 4m Double aperture. Horseshoe Common roundabout./Old Christchurch Road
BH1 5021 822806950 4m Double aperture. Horseshoe Common roundabout./Old Christchurch Road
BH21 160 876461445 4y East end of village, by Bakery entrance
TD5 13 453056128 12m Edward 7th red box built into boundary wall of Catch-A-Penny Cottage
811348651 8y Embedded into, and flush with, the hedge on the NE quadrant of this junction./Roman Bank / (Old) Sluice Road / Clough Road / (unnamed)
HR8 644 818648440 4y End of road-facing wall of long white barn-like building, where it adjoins house of similar color.
DT2 67 828428393 4y Entrance to Birkin House. Victorian
DT2 199 828428401 4y Entrance to Morn Gate Holiday Park
DT6 50 828433173 4y Entrance to campsite
BH1 12 822806893 4m First floor of WH Smith, by post office counters.
L2 217 348176010 3m Fixme: not obvious on ground, is probably on e of the two wall mounted postboxes within the India buiding
WR14 2 969015735 16m Fluted Victorian Pillar Box.
BA22 222 822743183 4y Forecourt of A37 services.
HP6 44 801298575 16m Forecourt of Amersham Metro / Chiltern Station
BA13 45 568470742 8y Franked Mail Only
BT2 5 4376989512 16m Franked Mail Only
NR31 3161 3194917173 3y Franked Mail Only
BS1 4011 770784157 2y Franked mail only
ST16 262 698617535 8y Franked mail only
GU1 204 747874843 7m GU1 204 on the left is for stamped mail; GU1 2041 on the right is for franked mail.
GU1 2041 747874843 7m GU1 204 on the left is for stamped mail; GU1 2041 on the right is for franked mail.
FK15 105 59743291 6w Golden Post box for Andy Murray's gold medal in the 2012 Olympic Games
PE12 141 803757399 4y Google refers to Luttongate as "Lutton Gate Road"./Luttongate / Highstock Lane//
TN39 65 1952133798 5w Grey pouch box attached to pedestal
BH21 169 899592670 7y Half hidden in hedge, by brow of the hill.
HR8 346 818648538 8y Half way along low brick wall of house.<br>Usually hidden by parked vehicles
PE12 56 803757289 8y Half way between The Sidings and Ashby Gardens, to the right of the bungalow, and deeply embedded into the start of the hedge surrounding the next house.
AL6 230 815775035 17m Has "hydrant" sign on base.
PE30 602 811395523 17m Has ominous notice telling people not to put stamped mail in it: Use PE30 603 (50m west)<hr> RM/Norfolk Street (pedestrian spur)
WR14 74 945924163 18m Has wrong-sized collection plate, more suitable to a lamp box, which RM data says it is.
HR8 678 818648413 4y Hidden in hedge of black/white house on corner, where it joins picket fence of neighboring house.
WR9 379 1391447627 17m Hidden under tree, next to telegraph post.
EC1A 111 4402475492 8d Historic postbox unveiled on 2016-09-06 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Brian Tuke, the first Master of the Posts
PE12 111 803758367 17m Holbeach Delivery Office. In wall to left of public entrance/Barrington Gate / Albert Walk
SG15 3 815657895 4y House Lane / Glossop Way
KY12 207 4732234309 9m Hunt Place
823670188 4y I think this might be the Stanley Hill Box.<br>On the left going uphill (W), in wall of an ex-Barn
TW12 221 30158331 8y If passing please visit Petit's of Priory Road, now a nice shop it was an amazing post office
PE19 102 811319235 4y In S-facing wall of railway station building (on the down-side), next to the help-point.<hr>CP1 /(off) Hawkesden Road
AL8 305 818106249 17m In a little alcove formed by the garden hedge
PE12 154 803758401 4y In blind wall of house
HR8 328 818648445 5y In brick garden wall on this corner, facing main road. Almost hidden by lamppost, litter bin, and electrical junction box. 100m S of The Royal Oak public house (car park)
SG7 190 807351713 16m In brick pillar in wall to left of 7 The Street/The Street / Wallington Road
AL9 200 815716958 4y In brick wall of Upper West End Farm/West End Lane
WR14 66 1001026738 16m In dedicated pillar, next to ST Water Building
PE6 30 546643417 11m In end wall of outhouse of The Greyhound public house; at the right of the car park entrance
HR8 345 818648436 5y In end wall of stone-built barn of a house called "The Old Country"
823670243 4y In end-wall of stone barn; the wall continues to surround the house.
PE28 144 814662213 6y In front of barn
SG4 115 804887448 4y In gatepost of farm. (Could be church car park?)<br>Opposite entrance to Saint Mary's Church/Church Road
WR14 136 988655619 16m In gatepost of number 10, on W side of road
WR14 9 482340367 17m In gatepost of number 112. Very peely paint
DT2 124 828428406 4y In hedge
BH16 288 832805405 4y In hedge just south of petrol station.
BH21 153 879544901 4y In layby
HR8 329 823670148 2y In layby (NW-bound), <br>By abandoned phone box.<hr>I think this is the Waller's Green box.
HP7 122 820182051 2y In layby / bus stop/White Lion Road,A404
AL10 323 818056465 8y In layby, next to electricity substation
PE12 148 803757082 8y In left gatepost of "Seagate Hall", the first building on left as you enter Vicarage Lane.Just S of where long brick wall curves away from road./Vicarage Lane / Roman Bank / Seagate Road
SG7 177 807335088 4y In left gatepost of driveway of house<br>Hidden under foliage<br>Only really accessible from NE-bound carriageway/A505
HR8 642 818648403 4y In left wall of driveway of house "Kynaston Place", at point where wall joins hedge. The wall is covered in foliage to match the hedge.<br>There is a clock on one of the house's outbuildings./(unnamed)
WR13 92 1015654626 7y In low wall surrounding barn
HR8 297 823670220 3y In middle of line of trees on NE side of road, 10m NW of wooden gate.<br>This appears to be only house on this road segment.
HR8 221 818648399 4y In passing place at S side of road, at gated entrance to B & W house.<br>Next to notice board
HR8 341 818648498 4y In pillar next to left gatepost.
PE12 40 803757759 8y In right gatepost of the footpath.<br>Just E of the little car park reserved for church staff.<br>10m W of main entrance to church of Saint Mary Magdalene./Church End
HR8 330 818648416 8y In right-side garden wall of pink house, along with a notice board. These have been raised above wall height with modern brickwork
HR8 342 818648509 4y In right-side gatepost of entrance to Hôtel mews
HR8 327 818648502 8y In small layby at junction with unnamed spur to big house<br>Opposite large red brick house with two brick outbuildings ending onto the road/
BH21 47 857188755 7y In small wall on N side of road
HR8 321 818648426 4y In stone garden wall of white house.<br>House is at the entrance to a (horticultural) nursery.<br>PB is 6m to left (E) of door/gate in that wall
WR13 62 1014441411 5y In surrounding wall of house
WR2 104 819879814 7y In the curving brick wall, to the left of the Brunswick Arms public house
WR8 44 908060847 7y In the wall at the entrance to what appears to be the Sixth Form House
WD24 168 819911727 16m In the wall between the surgery and Indian take-away
HP7 96 820182097 16m In the wall of The Lemon Rooms, next to the little museum.<br>Usually hidden by parked vehicles.
WR1 12 792081764 7y In the white wall, to the left of the One-Stop Shop.
BH21 6 876475111 4y In wall by small public car park at Pye Corner
PE12 114 803757264 4y In wall of Moulton Post Office.
AL8 292 822677446 8y In wall of Post Office
WR14 120 1013527370 5y In wall of Spar shop
WR14 41 1661007040 6y In wall of The New Inn
WR14 126 656428988 6y In wall of gatepost of Morgan Motor Company.Collection plate is CP7, usually associated with lamp boxen. It does not fit properly !
BH21 9 876461435 10m In wall of outbuilding behind the long row of thatched cottages (old p.o.)./The Buildings/
HR8 335 818648452 4y In wall of red-brick outhouse, now connected to otherwise-cream house at this junction.
DT2 25 828428384 3y In wall of row of thatched cottages. Victorian.
PE12 39 803758671 5y In wall of yard of church of Saint Mary Magdalene, to the right of its entrance pillar, raised up above height of the wall.<br>This part of Hallgate is called Church End./Churchgate / Hallgate / Eastgate;
DT6 9 1712790875 4y In wall on north side. Victorian Box
DT2 57 828428394 4y In wall on southwest side. Victorian box
DT6 29 828433170 4y In wall opposite turning to Stoke Abbott. Victorian.
WR14 138 992612847 7y In wall surrounding bungalow
CT1 363 554885069 6m Inside WH Smith
582994320 8y Inside supermarket
BH21 135 876468311 4y Junction at Holwell, east side of triangle
632234924 8y Junction of Kilndown Road and A21
PE12 174 803756908 8y Just S of Holland Bridge over the South Holland Main Drain, on the W side of the road.<br>Randall Bank and Holland Bank are N of the bridge./Gull Bank / Randall Bank / Holland Bank;
PE12 173 803756702 4y Just after brick barn-like structure on the left, as you enter Broadgate./Broadgate / South Eau Bank,B1166//
HP6 64 820255617 4y Just inside the wooden fence of some sort of hall/shop with a clock.<br>There is a wall box just across the road, in a house at the junction of Weedon Hill and Brays Lane; I assume that is disused/Brays Lane / Hyde Heath Road
PE12 155 803756976 5y Just north of the driveway to the white house. On the right, traveling N.Hidden by telegraph pole
PE12 133 803758242 4y Just outside the sign for Whaplode Drove, on the diagonal footpath cutting across this corner.<br>Google Refers to Green Bank as "Back Bank"/Green Bank / Farrow Road
WR14 58 992463068 4y Lamp Box situated "on" someone's garden wall, with no post visible !
WR14 11 572518014 7y Lamp box embedded in curved wall surrounding houses, behind tree.
WR14 36 1001067329 7y Lamp box embedded in high point of wall
WR14 12 1639354747 17m Lamp box embedded in right gatepost of Saint Nicholas House
PE12 43 803757510 17m Langwith Drive is somewhere near here, according to my records. Need to find it.
BH2 12 824279985 17m Large Victorian.
SK5 311 4532788649 14m Later collection (after 4pm) available at 373 Barlow Road postbox. Latest collection in the area is 18:45 at Green Lane.
BH21 18 899592804 6y Layby on north side of Grange.
HR8 316 818648537 4y Ledbury Sorting Office.<br>On complex containing Ledbury Railway Station.
670646813 2y Left aperture for first and abroad; right aperture for second class.
W2 68 877879696 14m Left aperture for first class and abroad; right aperture for second class.
W1D 102 384759680 2y Left aperture for stamped; right aperture for franked.
W2 10 513793717 17m Left aperture for stamped; right aperture for franked.
WC2H 68 348809537 15m Left aperture for stamped; right aperture for franked.
HR8 350 818648390 16m Left of gate to house (used to be Little Marcle Post Office)
HR8 320 818648542 4y Left, and slightly downhill (E) of entrance to <b>The Farmers Arms</b><br>In short old-brick wall opposite fenced area called "Pool Piece".<br>Wall and PB are completely hidden by foliage/blossom.
3759527343 2y Letters only
1306935450 4y Llantrisant Road Llantwit Fardre
SG7 214 807321835 4y Metal box in wall of Londis / Post Office.<br>Disused stamp machine.<br>SuBH collexion is defunct/Whitehorse Street, A505/ SuBH 1330
3042073877 3y Modern box that looks to be made out of sheet metal. Royal cypher cut out of attached sliver metal plate.
AL10 168 818056448 4y NOPLATE
SG2 86 803716412 4y NOPLATE/School Lane / Aston End Road//NOPLATE
AL6 317 815775065 8y Near electrical substation
812270231 4y Near notice board
PA48 13 840862517 4y Nerabus. On the sea-side of the road at the top of a small rise.
PE12 187 803757341 4y Next to telegraph post on the (unnamed) road, a few m S of the junction.<br>This part of Dawsmere Road appears also to be called "Durham's Road" - different road name signs on opposite sides of road/(unnamed) / Dawsmere Road / Fox's Hole Bank//
SG8 282 807991548 4y Next to telephone box and notice board. 10m East of the bus stop.
TN40 51 4855832992 5w Non-standard pillar box (NSPB); wooden with no royal cipher
WR14 106 999116206 5y North of PFP
SN14 150 3570387104 3y Notice: Letters containing coin, paper money or jewellery should not be posted in this box, but should be registered.
SP5 355 2043302857 4y Notice: Letters containing coin, paper money or jewellery should not be posted in this box, but should be registered.
TA12 66 2908251909 16m Notice: Letters containing coin, paper money or jewellery should not be posted in this box, but should be registered.
TA14 74 2908340897 4y Notice: Letters containing coin, paper money or jewellery should not be posted in this box, but should be registered.
TA24 76 3482508698 3y Notice: Letters containing coin, paper money or jewellery should not be posted in this box, but should be registered.
SL4 972 5045297802 5m Of the three postbox slots in the wall this is postbox C and is for local mail.
5045297458 5m Of the three postbox slots in the wall, this is postbox B. And this postbox slot is for First class & International mail.
PE12 169 803756772 4y Old Post Office, now Travel Agent/High Street
SG14 72 811414443 4y On East side of road; original contributor had it on W.
WR2 45 819879794 20m On The Pound (green) opposite shopping cluster
WR14 130 997574441 5y On W side of road, opposite Abbey College
811331984 4y On W side of road. Next to white house, which sticks out into the pavement, making it only visible from the N./Seas End Road,B1357
PE12 179 803759331 7m On corner, on left, just before you enter CP Avenue, between a sack box and electrical junction box./Boston Road,B1168 / Cecil Pywell Avenue
4601510906 12m On cycle network, on central town path network, SE Point of Town Hex Map
HR8 715 818648518 5y On grass triangle
PE12 149 803758948 4y On grass triangle, at junction of these three roads./Little London / Roman Bank / Park Road
HR8 314 818648552 8y On green alongside church wall
PE12 193 803756751 8y On green in front of bungalows on N side of road../Broad Lane//
PE12 33 803757384 4y On green triangle, at the junction of these two roads, by telephone box./Churchgate / Kirk Gate
PE12 150 803757550 4y On left as you enter Limewalk, in stone wall, as it joins the metal fence.<br>Opposite Bench/Limewalk / Gedney Road,B1359;On left as you enter Limewalk, in stone wall, as it joins the metal fence.<br>Opposite Bench/Limewalk / Gedney Road,B1359 //
PE12 99 803756734 4y On left as you travel N.<br>In an ersatz unmade layby, being the entrance to an abandoned brick-built barn./Carrington Road//
AL6 284 815775033 17m On left, going uphill (N)
822726167 11m On little grass verge, to the right (E) of an abandoned parade of shops.<br>Usually obscured by parked vehicles
SG12 2 812287137 8y On parade of shops, opposite Martin's Newsagent.<hr>CP8/Amwell End,A1170 / Broadmeads / Station Road
AL1 281 815742803 15m On pavement, outside Robert G Dyas.<br>Between line of market stalls and road-line/Saint Peter's Street,A1081
DT5 32 824430474 11m On right as you go up the hill./Fortuneswell
PE12 112 803759122 8y On rough layby at entrance to farmhouse.<br>Hidden by two hedges, a tree, and a brick wall.<br>Only visible when traveling S on Eaugate Road on wrong side !/Eaugate Road / Jekils Bank
PE12 188 803758190 8y On rough layby on left (traveling N), just before W arm of Hurdletree Bank merges.
AL4 163 815726708 15m On service road outside small parade of shops. One of these shops is the Post Office.<br>N-bound side of the road.<br>"Meter Mail" & "Stamped Mail"
HR8 359 818648475 5y On small spit of green, where road is artificially narrowed
AL6 142 815775067 17m On the green, usually behind parked vehicles<hr />CP7 /Hertford Road / Harmer Green Lane
PE12 140 803756868 4y On the right as you enter Star Lane, next to the phone box.<br>Opposite hard standing outside Primary School/Roman Bank / Star Lane
SG12 19 812287125 16m On the right, a few meters into Sacombe Green Road from Sacombe Pound.<br>Next to a notice board
PE12 180 803756925 8y On verge outside grey-thatched house.<br>30m N of bifurcation with Huntsgate.
AL4 39 815726685 17m On verge, E-bound side of the road; outside row of terraced houses
AL10 161 818056399 6y On wide pavement.<br>10m E of Bingo Hall.<br>Opposite exit from ASDA Car Park.
HP1 303 820192389 16m One of a pair of double-aperture boxes, 2m apart<br>with same box number and collection times
HP1 303 4427221646 16m One of a pair of double-aperture boxes, 2m apart<br>with same box number and collection times
BH4 35 786881778 17m One of a pair outside Westbourne Post Office.
BH4 5035 824415658 4y One of a pair outside Westbourne Post Office.
823670174 4y Opposite 36 Biddulph Way
PE12 156 803756740 4y Opposite Little Chapel at Road Junction<br>/South Drove / Marsh Road / Guy's Head Road / Leamlands Lane;Opposite Little Chapel at Road Junction<br>/South Drove / Marsh Road / Guy's Head Road / Leamlands Lane//
PE1 5 811308850 11m Opposite Peterborough Railway Station; On corner, outside GN Hôtel
DT5 118 828430538 11m Opposite Portland post office.
BH10 156 823585851 6y Opposite boys' school entrance.
PE12 132 803756896 16m Opposite brick bus shelter/Broadgate
PE12 183 808314617 8y Opposite common driveway in between second and third (out of a block of four) near-identical double houses.<br>Next to a phone box. Both phone box and post box are practically in the ditch./North Road
BH16 135 832805423 4y Opposite entrance to Race Farm
SG7 189 807336690 4y Opposite entrance to Radwell Bury farm.
BH16 269 832805436 4y Opposite entrance to Sandford Holiday Park
PE12 142 803756872 8y Opposite modern house called "Wysteria House".<br>Strapped to telegraph post, and hidden in foliage.<br>Very winding road here;
PE12 25 803757208 17m Opposite the car dealer's
BH4 24 772985678 4y Outside 15 Surrey Road. Victorian anonymous
HA1 41 823624246 11m Outside 78 Harrow View<br>On right, going up hill
BH12 600 824408962 17m Outside Acorn Business Park.
BH6 173 824451770 4y Outside All Saints' Church. Victorian
SG18 18 895521584 17m Outside Best One shop
BH1 502 822806870 4m Outside Bracken House, number 16.
HR8 647 818648409 17m Outside Bromsberrow Heath Post Office<br>Five roads meet here./Dyke House Lane / (unnamed roads)
PE12 143 803757565 16m Outside Co-Op / Post Office/(off) West Street
PE12 115 803758205 17m Outside Co-Op Late Shop and Post Office, both of which are part of the BP garage on the W-bound side of the road.<br>There is a Jet garage almost opposite (E-bound)/Main Road,A151 / High Road,A151//
WD3 180 845842209 15m Outside CostCutters
DT5 152 828430545 11m Outside Delivery Office.
PE12 65 803757299 4y Outside Fleet Post Office /Fleet Road / Hocklesgate;Outside Fleet Post Office /Fleet Road / Hocklesgate//
BT38 604 4361205229 17m Outside Greenisland Post Office
HP6 111 820255615 16m Outside HSBC (bank) and church/Sycamore Road
WR8 289 907937264 7y Outside Hanley Swan Post Office
HA1 32 823624220 11m Outside Headstone Road (ex?) Post Office at 119 Headstone Road<br>On shopping parade
DT5 28 828430533 16m Outside Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.
BH21 111 876468322 4y Outside Manor Farm.
HR8 129 443797271 8y Outside Natwest, which is next to the Post Office (in One-Stop Shop)
AL1 7 815742833 6y Outside Saint Albans City Railway Station (on ramp down from Victoria Street)/Station Way / Victoria Street,B691 / Grimston Road/
BH11 397 823614398 4y Outside St Barnabas' Church, just along from supermarket.Collection plate missing at time of visit
BN20 803 827336388 3m Outside The Co-operative Food store (contains Post Office) on the shopping parade.
PE12 126 803758046 2y Outside Thorpe's Garage.<br>100m W of junction with B1357/Barrier Bank,A1073//
TN39 17 1111412161 10d Outside closed sub-post office
BH10 81 823585849 6y Outside former post office
BH11 336 823614234 6y Outside no.1700 Wimborne Road.
BH11 209 823614392 6y Outside number 4 Hull Road
BH16 77 832805409 4y Outside old post office
SG18 35 818126961 4y Outside old post office, set back from road in a small courtyard
BH10 198 823585852 8y Outside post office.
DT2 95 828428404 4y Outside post office. Base wording upside down!
SG13 32 811398197 13m Outside shop (looks like old Post Office)<br>On the left, 10m NE of Meadside Garage./ Cromwell Road / Stanstead Road,B1502
SG12 21 812287130 7y Outside shop (might be PO as well)./Easington Road / Munden Road
BN1 283 827332524 17m Outside shops
DT6 2000 828433180 5m Outside the Post Office ( also the LDO )
PE12 256 803756789 17m Outside triangular hedge on corner.
HP4 11 820229626 11m Outside village store.
SG7 182 807314009 17m PB is at the junction with the service road alongside the main (NE-bound) Letchworth Road/Hopewell Road / Letchworth Road,A505
PE12 157 803759426 5y PB on S side of road
GL50 17 511047703 18m Penfold pillar box
GL50 45 489799419 18m Penfold pillar box
GL53 12 4215993945 18m Penfold pillar box. Collection times plate missing 30/5/16
BH1 11 822806951 4m Porch of WH Smith.
538906796 8y Post Box inside hospital entrance
4598500848 12m Post box on Bangor station, platform 1.
AL10 198 818056504 4y RM calls this "Millwards", but there is now no vehicular access from that road./Travellers Lane / Southdown Road / Millwards (pedestrian)
WR14 52 1639354788 5y RM says is a K-Type; it isn't
TN39 7 4049305524 5w Red pouch box attached
TN39 28 4034009430 8d Red pouch box attached
TN39 29 4034009419 5w Red pouch box attached
TN39 39 4023823071 5w Red pouch box attached
TN39 57 1781425337 5w Red pouch box attached
TN39 61 4049305287 5w Red pouch box attached
TN39 72 1674336675 5w Red pouch box attached
TN39 83 4049305223 8d Red pouch box attached
TN40 6 685989904 5w Red pouch box attached
TN40 20 3709873892 5w Red pouch box attached
SG14 68 1588789630 16m Right outside (ex-?) Post Office, in outhouse connected to Balfour's (at S end of shopping parade)./Fleming Crescent / Tudor Way / Hutton Close
BH11 402 823614352 6y Right-hand side as you enter estate
4900980756 8m Royal Mail Mailbox. Outside Westcross shops.
PE12 164 803759364 4y Seagate Road / Colsuan Gardens
HP16 1 820879514 4y Seems to be a RM Delivery Office
BH21 57 876465229 4y Set in wall of Horton Inn, by car park.
4728010436 10m Set into the front of a house
SG14 8 811414462 16m Short Pillar Box (wheelchair access ?)<br>Hidden behind phone box
BH21 41 899592405 10m Small box in the wall of the cottage named Greenbanks
CA14 19 583357253 3y Sorting Office
CA14 1019 583357253 3y Sorting Office
PE12 144 803757778 16m Spring Gardens is an augmented crescent; PB is at SW-most junction with Station Road, not the junction near the Fire Station./Spring Gardens / Station Road,B1390 / Garnsgate Road;
BN7 430 1625971196 11m Station postbox in wall
HP16 76 820879505 3m Strapped to a road sign.<br>Hidden by foliage.
HR8 672 818648391 4y The Noverings; attached to the post in front of the picket fence of the eponymous Guest House
HR8 336 818648457 4y The hamlet seems to take its name from the thoroughfare.<br>In right-side boundary stone wall of house, a few meters along the N arm of this triangle junction./Chase End Street / Black Lane / (unnamed)
SL4 97 5045296426 5m There are three postbox slots in the wall and this is postbox A.
WR14 32 640409851 16m There is a fake box some 30m further into the Terrace; it is black and gold.
298846512 19m There used to be a post office next to this postbox, but it was converted into a house when a local organic café initiative failed.
WR13 84 1178983088 7y This appears to be The Old Post Office in Castlemorton
EN1 14 4987926604 6m This is a gold postbox to celebrate Charlotte Dujardin Gold medal winner London 2012 Olympic Games Equestrian: Dressage-Team.
SW19 25 338481504 6m This is a gold postbox to celebrate Sophie Hosking Gold medal winner London 2012 Olympic Games Rowing: Lightweight - Women's Double Sculls.
SW19 125 338481504 6m This is a gold postbox to celebrate Sophie Hosking Gold medal winner London 2012 Olympic Games Rowing: Lightweight - Women's Double Sculls.
5157815065 3m This is a private postbox.
AL10 264 818056418 8y This neighborhood seems to be called "Roe Green"
BS1 444 3639908279 4m This postbox is at Bristol Temple Meads station just outside the ticket barriers, so one does not need a rail ticket to use this postbox.
PO30 4 734882742 3m This postbox is in the wall and is a bit hard to spot - it is by the plate for house number 36.
BN16 1474 5139786620 4m This postbox is inside the triangular greenery between Seaview Avenue and South Strand. One has to walk along the footpath going into the centre of the triangle and the postbox is a wall.
SO21 33 535951418 5m This postbox is of a brand new EIIR design.
SO22 255 5061089675 5m This postbox is of a brand new EIIR design.
PO20 154 3044776173 5m This postbox is of the brand new EIIR lamp design.
SO51 538 281902503 8m This postbox is on the SE-bound side of the road set back in the bushes.
SO51 510 4895562644 8m This postbox is on the northbound side of Woodington Road set back in the bushes immediately south of the NW-bound track and public footpath.
HR8 362 818648419 8y This section of New Street is E-bound only./New Street,B4216 / Market Street
LU1 231 899032933 2y Three apertures. One says "locals"
DT2 118 828428400 3y Tiny box in wall by double bend as road goes through farmyard
PE12 170 808343495 4y To the right of the white brick-built bus shelter on the E side of the road.<br>In front of garage.<br>All at the left of driveway to a house./Broadgate / Cross Road
PE12 136 803758607 4y Towards the right (N) end of long cream building, most of which is Gedney Hill Post Office and McColl's.<br>Almost opposite the Church of The Holy Trinity/Hillgate,B1166//
PE12 110 803757191 8y Tucked away in corner, between shop and boundary wall; hidden by tree.<br>Almost opposite <b>The Jolly Farmer</b> public house./Roman Road;
WR1 1001 792081751 15m Two postboxes inside WH Smith, one on each floor. WR1 1002 is on top floor, which accommodates the PO
WR1 1002 792081825 15m Two postboxes inside WH Smith, one on each floor. WR1 1002 is on top floor, which accommodates the PO
AL6 144 815775073 17m Under a tree
AL6 220 815775078 17m Under the porch of a Jeweller's Shop (which contains Welwyn Post Office)/High Street / Mimram Place
AL10 6 818056382 6y University of Hertfordshire.
SG6 155 806095326 3y Unusual curved top.<br>On triangle junction between Sollershot East and the two arms of South View.<br>Seems to be at a disused garage entrance./Sollershot East / South View
3136458542 19m Unusual modern post box
811311924 11m Up a short section of pedestrianised road, between the <b>Temple City</b> public house and a pizza shop.<br>Against the fence./Saint John's Street
DT2 39 828428385 4y Up private drive, first right over river.
AL3 21 4407392538 16m Very large wall box; might be a Ludlow
PE12 18 803757466 8y Very low to the ground.<br>Dark paint. Easy to miss.
BH2 7 824279989 4m Victorian
BH2 29 817288514 4m Victorian
BH2 57 824279996 4m Victorian
BH2 66 824279997 4m Victorian
BH21 11 899592644 7y Victorian
BH4 17 824415660 4y Victorian
BH4 42 824415646 17m Victorian
BH4 47 824415655 4y Victorian
BH4 65 824415669 4y Victorian
BH5 18 824430470 4y Victorian
BH5 60 824430487 4y Victorian
BH5 91 824430489 16m Victorian
BH4 45 824415653 4y Victorian anonymous
DT6 23 828433172 22m Victorian, in wall with high hedge behind
DT2 47 828428399 4y Victorian.
DT5 23 828430532 16m Victorian.
HR8 352 823670114 4y W arm of triangle<br>At left side of entrance to Village Hall, hidden by the phone box
WR13 56 1013552127 5y Wall box in dedicated pillar in someone's drive.
DT2 65 828428392 4y Wall of barn. Victorian.
DT6 120 828433171 4y Wall of house/garden on western side.
DT6 44 828433178 4y Wall of old London Inn, now Post Box House
DT5 21 828430544 11m Wall of public car park.
BH21 33 876461447 4y Wall on south side of lane.
BH21 133 876471341 4y West of old railway bridge, next to old church.
BH21 138 876461441 4y West side of road.
BN1 62 444032986 5m When I was at Brighton station on 16.08.2017 I could not find this postbox. I have since emailed Royal Mail and they tell me that this postbox is no longer in service.
HR8 143 818648514 4y Where a short spur joins the SE-bound A438/A438 / (unnamed roads)
IV1 999 369058820 3y at sorting office, has latest collection in area
SG10 30 849501836 6y box mounted in wall at entrance gate to Hadham Mill
420885252 17m has notice: This post box is the property of Glen Nevis Holidays Ltd
GL13 115 280450753 17m hexagonal pillar box
GL8 681 294956181 18m hexagonal pillar box
WR15 73 1116896655 7y in Barn Wall
IV1 28 369058826 12m in railway station
GL18 316 3499903801 3y in wall on left hand side
BT4 502 4412160890 16m located in the lobby of Parliament Buildings
YO18 139 4391316656 17m not an indoor pillar box more like a professionally converted bag drop box
PH16 20 3432142844 3y on pillar, under footbridge
4694558477 11m pillar box in car park
PH22 10 2164585775 16m square pillar box
SG11 100 848414316 6y under the bus stop sign, eastern side of the main road

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