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OSM UK Address & Postcode Mapping

For background on how postcodes work in the UK, please see Wikipedia: Postcodes in the United Kingdom. For details of the structure of UK addresses see the "Programmers' Guide" on Royal Mail's Powered by PAF website.

Tools and Reports

OSM Postcode Mapping Stats
Details of the number of postcode units mapped in each postal area and district.
OSM Street Name Warnings
Possible errors in addr:street and names of associatedStreetrelations for OSM objects with postcodes.
OSM Postcode Value Errors
List of erroneous addr:postcode values found in OpenStreetMap data for the UK.
OSM Postcode Location Discrepancies
List of OSM objects where there is a discrepancy between the object's location and the centroid of its addr:postcode from Code-Point Open.

Resources for Postcode Mapping

Code-Point Open
Official UK data from Ordnance survey, available for re-use under the Open Government Licence v3 (hence suitable for use in OSM). Includes all postcodes, but only includes a single centroid location for each unit.
Ragged Red: Displaying Code-point postcode centroids
Details of tiles displaying Code-Point Open Centroids, that can be loaded in OSM editors, or shown on the OS Compare Map.
FHRS/OSM Comparison
Tool for comparing mapping of food outlets with official hygiene rating data.
New Postcodes
Map showing newly created postcodes. Useful in well-mapped areas, where people want to check the new devlopments are being added to OSM.
British Postcodes on OpenStreetMap
Blog post from 2013.
Addresses without Postcodes
Overpass turbo query to show OSM objects with street addresses (addr:street=*) but no postcode (addr:postcode=*).
Postcodes without Streets
Overpass turbo query to show OSM objects with postcodes (addr:postcode=*) but no street address (addr:street=*).
OSM Inspector: Addresses
Geofabrik's tool to identify objects with address tags, and flag potential issues.